Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Sherry Baby

Another birthday has come & gone. And, just like that, I'm a whole year older. How old you ask? 26. Yes, 26... what my dear sister considers to be in my late 20's. Excuse me, dear sister, the late 20's don't even start until at least 27 {ask me next year & I'll tell you 28}.
So onto how did I celebrate. Well, the birthday weekend started early. Friday night to be exact. My darling little family went out to dinner with my parents {Papa Richard & MiMi}. I had been mulling over the decision where to go all week. It's so hard to choose when it's YOUR choice. So many options & you can only choose one. I had narrowed it down to 3...Chicago Fire, Mikuni's, & Fat's Asian Bistro. Fat's won. Not because it's my all time favorite. But, for the sole reason that they have GOOD food & I knew Reagan & Papa Richard would be pleased.
And, no birthday celebration is complete without a little sweet treat.
We picked out an assortment of decadent cupcakes & divided them into fourths so that everyone got a little taste. We were definitely in a sugar coma.
Saturday was my actual birthday. My amazingly sweet husband picked up fresh donuts, a bouquet of flowers, & had a lovely card aside a reusable Starbucks cup that held a Starbucks gift card.
We had a fun girls day planned in San Francisco. So my Mom set up for a friend of ours to come do our hair & make-up early in the morning.
I had been looking forward to this day for the last couple of months. I was blessed to go see Jersey Boys {for a 2nd time} with these wonderful women.
I already knew how spectacular this musical was. So once I saw that it was playing in San Francisco, I knew I had to go.

If you get the chance, PLEASE get tickets. I promise that you will not be disappointed & will have a fabulous time as I did. Watch out, you just might find yourself bee-bopping along. I am guilty.
Enough of me pressuring you into buying tickets.

So after hair & make-up on my birthday morning, the ladies arrived at my house & we hopped in my Soccer Mom Minivan.
Our first stop was BART. We bought our tickets & hopped on for an easy ride right into Union Square.
Earlier in the week, my MIL asked me to pick a lunch spot. This was a little easier than Friday's dinner choice. I did a little online perusing & came across the perfect place. It was conveniently located on the same street as the theater {about a block away} & had a divine menu. As we arrived, we realized it was the ideal SF restaurant with dim lighting, modern décor, dark leather booths, & crisp white linen table cloths. My favorite part of our meal was our trio of hummus with flat bread, but I think the other ladies {after all their raving} would say the bread & butter topped it all. There is no doubt I will be visiting there again when in San Francisco. By the way, if you would like to know the name it is, The Daily Grill.
We made perfect timing. The play was beyond fantastic. I was much more emotional this time. The kids & I have been listening to the Jersey Boy's musical soundtrack constantly. And, when Sherry Baby came on, I was wishing my Jackson boy was right there to sing along with me. It is his absolute favorite song & he begs for,"Baby!". This time around I got a lot more out of the story & I am currently getting misty eyed over listening to the songs in my car. I would go back to see it in a heartbeat. I love that it is such a FUN play. Very enjoyable!

While we were out having a good time, the guys were taking GREAT care of my babies :)

On our way home, we stopped at MiMi's Café in Fairfield for dinner. When we got home a bit before 9:00 there was a package full of birthday goodies waiting for me from my thoughtful cousin, Kristi. She is always so great about remembering special occasions & making them extra special.
I am truly appreciative of all those who contributed to make my day so memorable. I look forward to what 26 holds.

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