Wednesday, October 2, 2013

A little catch up

After having my first baby, I often thought, Wow! Life is busy! Little did I know, those were the easy days... One kid & no morning wake up call to be out the door by a quarter to eight. Not to mention the minimal amount of laundry. Two kids later, another one on the way, school schedules, volunteering, MOPS tableleading, play dates, soccer, family dates, Mom's nights out, Church, dates with the hubby, etc. LIFE IS BUSY. Yes, busy, but a very good productive enjoying life kind of busy. These days call for earlier bed times {for all}. So please excuse my lack of blogging over the last 7? months.

Let me get caught up here....

Yes, we are expecting another little Baby Barnum :) Another little boy, to be exact.

19ish weeks

23 weeks
Reagan started Kindergarten & is LOVING it! We have already managed to rack up a tardy & I could give you the excuses why {it was Jax's birthday, 1st day back at MOPS, table leaders were in charge of breakfast that morning}.... but it is what it is & I'm sure it won't be our last.

Kindergarten wears you out!
Jax started preschool & even after all of his protesting to stay home with me this Summer, he now begs to go on his off days {he only goes Tuesday/Thursday}.

Reagan is doing her first year of soccer.

Since the kids birthdays are about a week apart, we celebrated them together at Party Place. Reagan turned 5 & Jax turned 3. The party was early in the morning with a donut theme. Everyone had a great time!

This year Reagan's birthday fell on Labor Day which was fantastic because we got to spend the whole day together as a family. We started the day off with birthday sprinkle pancakes & sausage & then headed up to the lake to meet Braden's family & Sister Dianne from our church. It proceeded to rain the whole way up there & most of the day on & off. This did not phase the kids one bit. Reagan enjoyed every minute playing in the water & special birthday treats.

Reagan got a very special birthday present from Daddy & Mommy...

Grammy threw Jax a fun A's themed party at the park the night before his actual birthday

Jax has been having a blast riding his new balance bike from Daddy & Mommy

Reagan went on her 1st Kindergarten fieldtrip to the local library where she got her very own library card. What she was most excited about was her very first ride on a big school bus.

More random photos to come... but for now there are TOO many other things calling my name to be done.

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Colleen said...

Wow! Congratulations on the newest addition! I haven't blogged in a while or been on here. We just welcomed our second in October and I started a new blog to keep up with our family now. I'd love for you to follow along!