Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Monroe's birth story

It's amazing how long one week feels during pregnancy (especially in that last month) & how a WHOLE month just flies by with a new little peanut. So here is how our precious guy came into this world...
I went in for my 41 week check up not looking forward to another internal exam. To my surprise, shortly after entering the room, Dr. Ruffner said she would have me induced. This was music to my ears! She did an exam & had me sign the paper & I was all set to go in for an induction at 9:00am the very next morning.

I excitedly called the hubby on the way home. I then proceeded to make arrangements for my parents arrival to watch the kids while we were at the hospital. And, I have to admit, I was definitely nervous but it felt good to know I would be holding my baby boy very soon.

Papa Richard & MiMi arrived sometime in the early evening after we went out to a delicious dinner with my FIL & MIL at our favorite Mexican restaurant, Felipe's. I have to say, I was very anxious & scared knowing what I would be going through the very next morning, but so eager to see the face of the little boy I had been sheltering for 41 weeks & introduce him to his big Sister & big Brother.
In the morning, we said goodbye to Reagan & Jax, packed our bags in the van, & headed to the hospital, BUT not before taking one last photo as a family of 4. It was a little nerve wracking to be driving to the hospital & not be in actual labor. I have done this twice before so I knew what labor & delivery were all about & that terrified me. Once in L&D we got checked in, waited for a short bit, & were taken back into the room where all the magic would take place. I absolutely adore UC Davis Medical. I delivered Reagan & Jax there & knew I must deliver baby B #3 at the same wonderful place.

It was such a relief to know that the room we got all settled into, would be the room where I would labor, deliver, & spend countless precious moments with my new little family of 5. To say that it was an easy delivery would be correct, but it did take some time to get there & a few bumps along the way...
I guess I was a little naive in thinking we would get in & get out (pretty quickly). We met our first (of many) nice nurses who went through the run down with us. I eventually (at 12:30pm) was given half of a misoprostol which is microscopic so you can only imagine that being told to take half & wait 4 hours wasn't very encouraging. I did & then I was given another half & told to wait another 4 hours. Somewhere in between these 8 hours, I was administered an IV. The IV was actually one of the things I feared most & for good reason this time. Aside from the fact that the needle is ginormous, they ended up sticking me 3 times & manually drawing my blood. During one of the attempts they missed the vein & proceeded to turn the IV on which stung like crazy! The nurse had such an issue that the expert IV giver was brought in & even she couldn't get it. I guess 3rd times a charm!

Around 3 cm dilated, I asked for the epidural. The anaesthesiologist wasn't keen on doing it so soon, but decided to grant my wish anyway. I was thrilled!! I was in minimal pain, but wasn't wanting to see how far I could take it. And, thank goodness I got it when I did. They prepped me & had me back curved like a rolly polly. I knew that the shot/epidural were a very easy thing to get through & well worth the relief. During my last 2 l&d's the anaesthesiologist said that I had a great back for an epidural. They even said it this time around, but for some odd reason had much difficulty threading it. It wasn't fun being poked over & over again while they redid the local to start the whole process over. It had to be about a half hour long. I could feel the small tube go down my back & each time they would hit bone. I cringe. They apologized, but in all honesty all I was concerned about was that it worked & I would have no pain during the pushing stage.

Shortly after, every one left us so we could get some rest. Braden took a nap on the chair beside me while I was starting to feel some unpleasant pressure down low. It didn't occur to me at the time, but baby B #3 was working his way down to get ready to meet us. The pressure got to a point where I called for the nurse. I asked for more of the epidural & they checked me. 9 cm!! I went from 4 to 9 pretty quickly. Finally! It wasn't much longer.

They set up the room with that sterile blue lined table full of intimidating instruments. The nurse worked with me to do practice pushes & then some doctor (my OB wasn't on call) along with others (who I don't even know) came in to deliver our little peanut. The pushing was exhausting! Much more exhausting than my other deliveries. I started coughing & they encouraged me to do so to produce more pressure. Braden was awesome, helping me through every push. At one point, I felt ready to stop, close my legs, & be done. I was that tired. But, with each push I knew that that might be the moment.
They had warned me that there would be some people from the NICU to take him if he didn't start crying right away because he had swallowed meconium in my belly. I pushed for a tiring 25 minutes before our precious baby boy made his way out. I remember looking down at him & looking at the doctor's short lived worried face. I later asked Braden why & he said the cord was wrapped around our babies neck. The other thing on my mind was if baby boy was crying. He wasn't, but they gave him a few seconds & fortunately he let out a good little wail & was quickly placed right on my chest while wiping him clean. I felt such relief, for so many reasons.
This is the photo we texted to our families

He came out perfect. 10 toes. 10 fingers. With a head full of hair & no name.
The doctors & nurses really encouraged lots of skin to skin contact. I expected them to promptly take him away for a bath after he was born, but it was many hours before they did so.
 We got all night to spend time bonding with this new little one before having to share him.
Papa Richard & MiMi brought Big sister Reagan & Big brother Jackson to meet their new little brother *no name* Sunday morning. And, boy were they smitten!
Literally 2 hours before we were discharged we had to choose a name. It really shouldn't have been that hard since we were limited to American presidents. We toyed around with quite a few over the past months & had narrowed it down to our top favorites in the hospital... Harrison, Henry, Pierce, & Monroe. All through my pregnancy I said I never felt settled on a name. Nothing felt right & that once I saw his face it would strike me. Obviously, that is not what happened. It was down to the final wire & we had to call the birth certificate lady with our choice. We truly were so undecisive, that once we picked his first name we had to later call back with his middle name. Braden & I easily agreed on Elijah. A presidential first name & bible prophet for a middle name. I have to say, it fits him well....
Monroe Elijah
We were released Monday morning & happy to return home as a family of 5.

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