Friday, May 27, 2011

4 years & counting.

Yesterday was the mark of our FOUR year anniversary (Nowadays that's saying a lot). Yay!!

So here's a treat for you... these are all the way from out of the vault- haha, I only kid. BUT, not too many people get to see these old photos.

Sorry for the HORRIBLE quality. 4x6's don't scan well.

In any case, Enjoy!

We didn't do anything BIG ~ We'll save that for next year...5.
So EXCITED for our trip to Disneyland in the Fall

The hubby got me a super cute card & made a delicious dinner (Fresh Shrimp{my fav}, asparagus, rice, salad, & bread ALONG with a big ol' honkin piece of chocolate cake-YUM}. The kids went to bed early & we got to enjoy a couple episodes of MAD MEN-- love this show! (we rent it, so we're behind).

Brade Barnum,
You are the love of my life. The hottest church camp counselor I've ever laid my eyes on. You're funny at times, you are kind, affectionate, & such a good example to our sweet little munchkins. There is no one else I would rather spend this AWESOME journey of life we are on.

I love you, Ash

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