Friday, June 22, 2012

Santa Cruz Beach Vacay. Day 3 & 4.

I don't have much to write about for Sunday. Early in the morning I woke up feeling very nauseous. I ended up spending the whole day throwing up, aching, & going in & out of sleep. I had apparently caught some very nasty bug. Fortunately, come Monday morning I felt like a new woman ready to take on the day.

As for the hubby & munchkins, they got spiffed up & walked down to the Missionary Baptist Church {the one we rode our bikes by} with Papa & Grammy. Unfortunately, for them, they missed most of services& caught just the tale end.

That's me, the new woman ;-)
 My handsome hubby helping out with breakfast, frying up potatoes from Saturday's dinner. Eggs over easy, bacon, fried potatoes, & coffee... great way to start a morning off.

More time soaking up the sun down at the beach. And, even some kite flying.

We were instructed by Grammy to all meet at the boardwalk. Little did we know that we would have a blast doing a scavengar hunt. There were 3 teams... The Barnums {US!}, The Himmelbergs, & The Lesters. Sad to say, we lost (big time, last place). But, I have to say, it was SO.MUCH.FUN! It was exhilarating running from place to place with my little fam & checking things off. My favorite part was doing the photo booth pics.

Reagan was a trooper as we strolled her around from one venue to the other. As we passed the carousel she eagerly asked to ride, but we had to say no {we were on a mission!}. So, we promised her that when we finished she could go on. She was a VERY happy girl :)

Since this was my first visit to Santa Cruz, I had to go down to the wharf. After all of our hustle& bustle, it was lunch time. So we made the extra walk down the beach to grab some clam chowder.

The wretched bug worked it's way around the house. My nephew, Sam, felt ill all day & there was a little scare that Griffin may have had it. Fortunately, Griff just had a tummy ache & Sam was doing somewhat better by evening time. We debated moving our family photos to the next day, but decided it best to push through in case one of the littler ones got sick the following day.

The photos were a bit rough... To begin, our photos were scheduled for 7:00pm (best lighting). That may not sound bad, but when you have little ones that go to bed between 7-9 it's a bit difficult on their temperament. Second, it was Fa-REEZING cold {maybe more so to me because my temperature gage is minimal}. Third, not even half way through taking photos all of the kids got hit by a wave (mind you, it was not a big wave....actually quite small). But, non the less, cold & wet does not mix well.

After that, it got crazy...

I was glad that I brought bribes (mini m&m's & fruit leathers). They worked for a short bit, but towards the end even the m&m's didn't work on Jax.

Somehow???  {amongst all the chaos} the photos turned out AMAZINGLY gorgeous. Stunning.

These photos were taken with my phone right before the photographer got there.

I can't wait to share how beautiful they are.

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