Tuesday, December 11, 2012

It's Christmas Once Again

Christmas is in the air & I am loving every single second of it. The saying holds true {it's the most wonderful time of the year}. I started Christmas shopping early on (sometime in early Summer) & am feeling very good about officially finishing the very last bit over the weekend. Now I need to get my buns in gear & finish wrapping.

We set up our {Costco} tree the weekend after Thanksgiving & the littles joined in decorating. They had so much fun pulling ornaments out & helping to hang them while listening to Christmas jingles on the radio. It was a sweet family moment that I will cherish.

I relish in any opportunity to celebrate the holiday season & there has been many. Last Thursday, Braden's boss & wife took us out to PF Chang's for their company dinner which was followed by a night at the theater seeing "A Christmas Carol". It was a perfectly lovely evening.

On Saturday morning, Reagan & I left the boys to head to a birthday party at BounceU. When we got home the munchkins took a nap before we made our way out to Auburn for their Christmas parade where we met Papa Dave, Grammy, Griffin, Piper, The Yanes family, & Sis Dianne. It was a great time with lots of good food from the local eatery, Heros. There were homemade cookies brought & delicious hot coco provided by the Yanes family. It was a fabulously fun {chilly} night.

Also, on Saturday, an amazing thing happened... we got an egg!! FINALLY. After waiting almost 3 months, I was ready to give up on these girls & have ourselves a chicken dinner. I must mention that, once again, we are down to 2 chickens. Sometime while we were gone for Thanksgiving, one mysteriously got away. Good news, Jax got to enjoy a fried egg for lunch & I am looking forward to fresh eggs for the next 2 years {or so I'm told}.

Sunday morning I got a text from a girlfriend inviting us out to ice cream to say goodbye to one of Reagan's friends as she is moving out of the country. It is a very sad situation & we will be keeping her in our prayers & are going to miss her sweet smiling face.

And, just for fun...check out what Mr. Elf has been up to around our home.

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